What do we routinely get wrong?

Fairly regularly we talk about our challenges and the things that conspire against us when we’re virtuously going about our business of producing great learning.

This isn’t one of those posts.

This one is about what we routinely get wrong.

I think we spend too much time looking at external forces for our troubles, rather than searching ourselves. I think that if we face up to our errors, we can do something about them. So here’s my top three. I expect yours to follow:

1. We don’t engage at the start.
Too often we argue that we weren’t included when the decisions were being made. What are we doing to get around that table? Are we really trying that hard?

2. We get caught up in the learning, rather than the business need.
We sometimes feel we can’t (for whatever reason) influence the business objective, so instead we navel gaze about the learning and lose credibility along the way

3. We get entranced by the technology.
We’ve got a new whizzy thing that’s just crying out to be used. Let’s use that! Maybe we should instead accept that sometimes a bit of well written text is the most effective way…

What are yours?

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